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Endorsements and Accolades

Mono County Supervisor & Board Chair Bob Gardner
Ret. Mono County Supervisor Tim Alpers
Ret. Mono County Supervisor Byng Hunt
Mammoth Lakes Town Councilmember Colin Fernie
Mammoth Lakes Town Councilmember Shields Richardson
Ret. Mammoth Lakes Town Councilmember Jo Bacon
Inyo County Supervisor Jeff Griffiths
Mono County Paramedics Union
Mono County Democratic Central Committee

The Sheet, 6/2/18

Stacy Corless deserves reelection. Period. She’s smart, works hard, dives into the minutiae.

Mono County Board of Supervisors Chair Bob Gardner, Mammoth Times 4/28/18

It is my pleasure to endorse Stacy Corless for reelection to the Mono County 5th District Board of Supervisors seat. Stacy has provided outstanding leadership, focus, and direction on the Board for the residents of Mono County and clearly deserves another term.

Supervisors Tim Alpers, Mammoth Times, 2/22/18

I am writing this letter to publicly support the re-election candidacy of Stacy Corless for Mono County District 5 Supervisor. This endorsement comes, in part, from having served with Stacy on the County Board for 2 years. I found early on that Stacy was a hard worker. She came to Board meetings prepared, informed and an effective advocate for her District. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had to bring my “A game” every week to match Stacy! As a result, our Board was able to set good policy, build a highly competent management team, respond effectively to constituent needs and deal professionally with a number of natural disasters.

Jeff & Donna Simensen, Bridgeport Residents, 4/28/18 (via Facebook)

Dear Supervisor Corless, it is such an awesome experience to see you in action as a board member. You are not only passionate about your job in showing concern for the environment, the community and the individual help that you have shown others, but above all you are the role model for the young girls who may want to follow in your footsteps some day! Great Job Supervisor Corless!

Email from a Coleville Resident, 12/7/17

I just wanted to express my gratitude for your prompt and decisive action at the Board of Supervisor meeting on Tuesday ... I have seen similar meetings become very chaotic and devolve quickly when others in your position did not take appropriate action, so I am thankful that you stepped in…

 … On a personal note, I also want to thank you for modeling the behavior of a strong, professional female in a leadership position. We need more people who are level headed and rational in positions of power. 

The Sheet May 13, 2017

Mono County Supervisor Stacy Corless proved this week that a background in journalism isn’t entirely useless. She also continues to demonstrate that she is not someone to be taken lightly. Don’t Mess with ‘Less.

 Here's is a growing list of supporters in District 5--email me to add your name to the list:

Judy Abramowitz

Dion Agee

Craig & Mary Albright

Sharon Alper

Jennifer Arenz

Carolyn Balliet

Pam & Tim Bartley

Phyllis Benham

Dave Billingsley & Amy Walters

Jeff & Denise Boucher 

Corinne Brown

Mickey Brown & Clint Hyde

Lesley Bruns

Lauren Burke

Bruce & Laura Burton

Mary Canada

Paul Chang & Karen Dipaola-Chang

Jen & TJ Chase

Susie Chase

Mark & Debbie Clausen

Vern Clevenger

Don Condon

Tim Crall & Britt Cogan

Zoraya Cruz

Susan Dalian

Bob & Sally Drake

Katy Drake

Jeff Dozier

Mary Ann Dunigan

Howard & Renee Durlester

Julie Eastridge

Pat Eckart

Jack & Kathi Farrell        

Kim & Sean Frank

Dinah Frincke

Alex Garcia

Kim & Garth Getchell

Steve & Lisa Gill

Maritza Gonzalez

Jon Goodwin

Anita Grattan

Dave & Sharon Harvey

Anita Hatter

Caitlin & Sophie Hein

Cheri Heringer

Chris Hernandez

Nichole Holstrom

Aaron Horowitz & Kendra Knight

Michelle Hoy

Robert & Sue Joki

Jessica Kelly

Lyle Koegler & Janelle Walker

Carolyn & Pete Korfiatis

Mark & Jarrett Jackson

Sue & Dale Jamieson

Mike Jones

Jane Kenyon

Joyce Kobashi

Randee & Neal Levin

Jon & Gail Lonne

Hans Ludwig

Marc & Lou Margulies

Jan & Rich McAteer

Jen & Mike McCahon

Peter Morning

Robin Morning & Ueli Luthi

Susan Morning

Gary & Karilyn Myers

Karen Nelson

Greg Newbry

Debbie & Malcolm North

Marianne O’Connor

Paul & Kate Page

Drea Perry

Dennis & Barbara Phillips

Brad & Cindy Podosin

Jamie & Joel Rathje

Sarah Rea

Barbara & Fred Richter

Brian & Chris Robinette

Julie Rolfe

Ron Russell

Sheryl Saari

Don Sage

Zach Salaam

Heidi Samuel & Tony Kihaloa

Caroline Sanderson & Mario Mugavero

Kenyon & Krissy Sandvigen

Dan & Joanie Schaller

Dawn & Terry Schultz

Kevin Smith

Lou & Doug Stewart

Kathleen & Don Taylor

Tony & Sherryl Taylor

Ruth Traxler

Kelly Turner

Sarah & Daniel Vigilante

Eric Wasserman

Shalle Wells

Ananda & Adam Ybarra

Mark Zila

Re-Elect Corless
Mono County Supervisor
District 5 2018
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